WPC Naked Whey Protein

Natures Perfect Protein

"Naked WheyTM" ...
Unflavoured & Unsweetened

Kiwi Made "Premium" Whey Protein
100% NZ Whey Powder
  • Increase lean muscle, strength and reverse muscle aging
  • Burn off body fat to increase muscle definition and tone
  • Recover faster from exercise and perform better
  • Boost immune system function and feel more energised
Premuim Protein Shake Benefits
High Protein and Low Carb Whey Dietry Supplement...

1.Premium Whey, made from grass fed cows milk
2.High in protein 23.3g per serve (77% protein) and low in carb

Simply and easily mixed with 250ml water, milk or Soy per 30g serve - along with any sweetening and flavouring you may like.
Such as Stevia and berries or flavouring essence or even instant coffee for a kick start flavouring.

Premium Whey Protein is a fresh cheese whey made using an ultra-filtration process. Low temperature processing ensures retention of both nutritional and functional properties. Premium Whey is a high protein product with excellent nutritional value.

Premium whey Protein is unique due to the fact that it is made from grass fed cows whey, most whey products on the NZ market are made from U.S whey and may contain various hormones and regularly are also grain fed- not to mention the time delay in shipping to import finished products with limited shelf life from that part of the world to NZ.

It's well understood how whey protein can help build and support muscle but less well known is that other nutrients found naturally in whey powder may help your body perform better and assist the burning of body fat. Some of these valuable ingredients include Branched Chain Amino Acids, Glutamine, Antioxidants and Growth Factors. Because of these qualities whey is often called nature's perfect protein.