WPC Whey Protein Concentrate

Kiwi Made "Fit.Onez"
WPC Protein Concentrate

High Protein Shake is recommended if you seek to do the following:

  • Increase lean muscle, strength and reverse muscle aging
  • Burn off body fat to increase muscle definition and tone
  • Recover faster from exercise and perform better
  • Boost immune system function and feel more energised

High Protein and Low Carb Whey Dietry Supplement...
Protein level 30.6g per 40g serve
Simply and easily mixed with 250ml water or milk per 40g serve
Add any fruits, flavours or sweetening you wish also to make into delicious healthy smoothies or use in your baking for a healthy alternative.
Whey protein powder has become one of the main sports supplements used by Body Builders, athletes and for Weight Loss.
I personally used High Quality Whey Protein daily during my Successful International Body Sculpting career to manage my weight.
Most Whey Powders orignate in America where grain feeding and hormones are a common practice- Fit.onez Whey Protein Concentrate is only produced with healthy Grass fed cows milk= healthy natural whey protein (no Hormones).

It's well understood how whey can help build and support muscle but less well known is that other nutrients found naturally in whey powder may help your body perform better and assist the burning of body fat. Some of these valuable ingredients include Branched Chain Amino Acids, Glutamine, Antioxidants and Growth Factors. Because of these qualities whey is often called nature's perfect protein.

If you are committed to fat loss or lean muscle gain then choosing to have a whey protein shake 1 to 3 x per day (depending on your goal) is the most important nutritional decision you can make.
Remember as whey is digested easily and absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream it is the wisest protein choice for post exercise or at breakfast time. These are the 2 critical times when your body needs quality protein fast.


I suggest if you want to make a difference -
include Fit.Onez Whey Protein Concentrate into your daily routine.
You wont regret it.

Felacita Hunt BSC

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